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Which Is Better FIITJEE or Resonance ?

Both FIITJEE classes and Resonance coaching institute have proved to be one of the best coaching institutes in the country for
cracking JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.Both of these institutes have produced outstanding results every years and thousand of students get selected each year from these coaching institutes into the IIT'S, NIT'S and other top engineering colleges of India.
While Resonance has its main branch in Kota FIITJEE has its main branch in Delhi.If we compare FIITJEE and Resonance in their fee structure and education quality their is no difference,so a student can opt for any of the institute without thinking at once.But if you want to take admission in their main branches then you may opt for Resonance or FIITJEE depending on your financial condition as Kota will prove to be much less costly to live than Delhi.

Fiitjee and resonance can make you top the jee


If you can financiall afford your coaching or want to do coaching in your home town in other branches of FIITJEE or Resonance you may prefer FIITJEE
but considering Kota has a very good education environment than Delhi I personally would have preffered Resonance if i opted to do IIT JEE coaching
from the main branch of Resonance or FIITJEE.


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