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AAKASH COACHING INSTITUTE(http://www.aakash.ac.in/)


Why a student or parent chooses Aakash Institute, Aakash IIT-JEE and Aakash Foundations over other institutes?
1Impeccable Administration followed by strict discipline, for students, teachers and admin staff linearly.
2Highly Qualified and Trained Teachers are recruited from top Universities / Institutes like IITs, NITs, NSIT, Punjab, Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, Roorkee and Madras University and from other reputed engineering colleges & Universities.
3Meticulous Selection Process: We conduct campus recruitment for teachers. Each and every candidate for teaching is selected through a meticulous process, at first written test is organised followed by demonstration lecture with respective HODs and then final personal interview with the Managing Director.
4Amazing Results in Entrance Exams: Aakash has been consistently producing 1st Rankers for two decades in most of the toughest Entrance Exams of the country like, AIIMS, AIPMT, AFMC, MAHE, BHU, MGIMS, AMU, JIPMER, WBJEE, IIT-JEE, AIEEE, VITEEE, Odisha-JEE and JKCET etc. Taking the legacy of our excellence forward, our Foundation’s students have been also excelling at par, as 27 figured among 100 Olympiad toppers in the recent years. They have also excelled in NTSE, KVPY, IMO, iOM, iOS and JSTSE and in the other foundation level entrance exams.
5Exhaustive, Relevant & Original Study Material and Test Papers are designed on the latest pattern of exams by the experts of Aakash.
6Competitive Environment at Aakash motivates the students for dogged learning resulting into grand accomplishments.
7Integrated Approach of Teaching: We employ ‘Integrated Teaching Methodologies’ in order to prepare the students for competitive as well as School / Board Exams simultaneously. This well-tested approach of teaching has borne splendid outcomes.
8Special Tutorial Classes: The Special Tutorial Classes (STC) aims to bring parity among the students irrespective of their intelligence quotients. It does not only equip the brilliant students to top the National level Entrance Exams but also to the average students so that they could emerge toppers like the brilliant ones. STC imparts quality education among the students in such a manner that they may have an edge over others.
9Bilingual Study Aids: We also provide study material in both mediums i.e., English and Hindi whenever required as per student’s choice.
10Revision Classes: These classes serve as catalyst for weak, non-serious and shy students. During these classes, sufficient time is provided to the students for revision, and for raising doubts they are encountered with during their studies. This special session boosts the confidence and enhances the knowledge quotient of even average students parallel to that of toppers, and also motivates them to perform like the toppers.
11Work Culture: It creates a hub of entrepreneurs and not just a bunch of employees. Everyone owns his/her job and gives the best to his/her ability.
12Strategically Located Centres for convenience of students & parents. A network of 101 Centres across India
13Brilliant Initiative like Online Tests, attendance reporting and test score reporting through SMS, E-mail & Courier etc. Audio-Video classes are also conducted for better clarity of students.
14Compensatory Classes: "If a student misses out certain chapter or a particular class, we provide him/her the opportunity to attend the video lecture of the same so that he/she may ride parallel to others."
15Motivational Classes: This is one of the salient features of the methodologies we employ for better outcomes. This adds new spirit among the aspirants because the motivational classes are personally conducted by Mr. J. C. Chaudhry, Chairman, AESL on regular basis. These classes inspire the students to work hard for embellishing their career by clearing the toughest competitive examinations of the country. This also helps them in building their career and character in the long run.


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